Thursday, March 15, 2018

Step by Step

Place a switch user for their first time in front of a screen like this:

and ask them to choose the right box, what do you think the result will be?
In most cases, they will be unable to successfully complete the activity. This is due to numerous factors, one being the timing in which they are presented with this type of activity. Switch users need to go through a step by step process to complete cognitive games such as the example provided above, and skipping any steps will hinder their ability to do so.

Ginger Tiger understands that to enable a switch user to succeed in a cognitive computer game it must start with the simple (but very difficult for some) ability to perform a cause and effect activity.

Our newest games focus on the special needs learner’s journey starting with cause and effect games which requires learning how to properly click on a mouse, press on a screen, or eye gaze. Once successful in the area of cause and effect, the switch user will then be able to proceed to the games that require using those cause and effect physical actions as well as their cognitive abilities.

Here is an example of a Ginger Tiger game taking the new switch user on the proper learning journey:

One switch - Cause & Effect Stage 1 (Click on any key and the car will move)

Two switches play – Cause & Effect Stage 2 (Click only on the space bar and the red car will move, click only on enter and the green car will move)

Choose the right one- Direct Cognitive Decision (Click ONLY on the ENTER for the correct response)

***In the short clip below you will see how to configure the settings to use two switches, direct access, in a choosing game with 2 choosing options.

In taking these proper steps, Ginger Tiger ensures that the special needs learner will arrive at the cognitive games armed with the proper tools to succeed.

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